The Power of Fiction: Fox on The Avengers

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Welcome to week three of The Power of Fiction! Last week saw our first guest post from Sinead Atkinson, who shared a beautiful story about her lifelong connection with J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan and how the book returned to her when she most needed Neverland. This week, we'll be hearing from artist Fox on how she came to love superheroes, and how she has seen herself in and been guided by different fictional heroes over the past seven years of her life.

On Marvel Superheroes
by Fox

Before the summer preceding my first year in college, I wanted nothing to do with superheroes. I found them boring, unimaginative, not worth my time. That summer, for whatever reason, I picked up the first Iron Man movie, and immediately fell in love. I binge watched every movie out at the time, ending on the first Avengers movie during orientation week on campus. It’s been seven years now and I haven’t stopped loving them.

My favorite heroes have changed over the years and I’m only now just realizing how they have changed based on what hero I needed the most at the time.

First, Tony Stark. He got me into heroes that summer before college. He was my first favorite and I will always love him for that. I was going into a science major and his intelligence and resourcefulness was inspiring.

Next, Steve Rogers. I found him inspiring for his strength, perseverance and his stubbornness. Also, his idealism, goodness, and being the embodiment of the fucking American dream. He got me through the hardest three years of college and I clung to him as an idol and hope.

Third, Natasha Romanov. She's badass and strong and faces down impossible situations with a sarcastic comment. I started reading feminist theory at this point, changing my major to humanities and eventually gender studies.

Clint Barton has been my companion for the last 3 years. I found comfort in him. He is an amazing hero, but he was also depressed and anxious. He is a mess, but also kind and a dog lover and he pushed forward to be the best he could be.

Right now, my favorites are tied. Thor's happy and bright. He's strong and alien and despite all the hell he's be through he's like a bright golden retriever puppy. He is optimism and hope for a better future. I also think he is a lot more than he seems. Many fans characterize him as dumb and blundering at times, but to me, he hides his smarts. He’s calculating and intelligent and kind.

Finally, there is Bruce Banner. He's anxious and tries to take up as little space as possible. He's a kind soul who would give the shirt off his back if it would help someone in need. He's also the Hulk. He is angry and violent and brimming with emotion. They are different but they are the same. They exist within the same man and balance each other. One provides rational thought, the other protection and emotion.

Where I am right now in my life, I see myself in both Thor and Bruce. I’m ready for hope and adventure and bigger things. But I’m an anxious, angry mess at the same time. And I take comfort in both of these heroes because of it.

Fox is an American artist and blogger. You can feel free to follow her on Tumblr at FoxPrints and SpaceFoxen or on Instagram at FoxPrintsArt. Huge, huge thanks go out to Fox for sharing her story about these beautiful characters and how important they are to her. 


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